Project 03:


UX/UI Design A co-editing platform for neuroimaging data


Brainbox is a web app with the potential to link every brain in the world. From the inventors of Eyewire (a gameified tool attempting to create a map of the brain, comes Brainbox. Brain box came to us (The Designers of Lore) to help revamp the app's user experience and user interface before it was officially submitted to the open science prize (a prestigious world-wide science start-up competition). Its main mission is to unify siloed databases and research projects. For a single MRI scan of one brain (human or not), there are hundreds of cross-sectional images, that all need to be analyzed, annotated properly, and stored in order to evaluate or compare. Knowing that, imagine you’re a neuroscientist researching a project that involves comparing a set of one hundred brains to another set of 100 brains. The sheer number of hours needed to annotate all those Brians pales in comparison to the fact that there are very little tools out there for neuroscientists to use, and if they do exist, they are kept only on the computers of their inventors. Brainbox is attempting to outsource the time consuming task of annotations, while giving neuroscientists the power to find each-other’s projects, resources, and discoveries.  

Biggest Challenge?

Quickly becoming an expert on the material in order to identify opportunities for improvements. What are the parts of the brain? What do they do? What is the meaning of color when annotating? How do neuroscientists think of "projects"? What are the actions they are trying to do? What are their goals? How do we make this easy enough for the common person to annotate a brain while also being a valid research tool? These are questions we had to answer before we were able to design the screens below. Thankfully our team was made up of both neuroscientists and developers, both of whom were amazing teachers.

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