Project 01:


Branding a Design Meetup.


Practice makes is a design meetup created by the designers of Intrepid, a digital studio in Cambridge MA. Each event has a unique poster and bespoke branding associated. Wanting to connect with local creative community, and seeing a gap in the types of events hosted in our area, we decided to create our own. Our main goal was to host events that aren't so buttoned up, prestigious, or solely focussed on digital trends. We wanted to remove the ego that sometimes comes with design, and create an eclectic yet intelligent space to have fun conversations and meet new people. We felt there were things about intrepid, both it's brand values and culture, that put the juice in our step as we walked to work. We wanted to share those things with others, but not make it exclusive to Intrepid. It was important that Practice Makes lived and grew as its own entity. I was tasked with aiding in the brand strategy, creating the identity system, and crafting the brand guidelines.

Biggest Challenge?

Providing a big enough sandbox for others to play in while making sure there was consistency over time was my biggest challenge. Knowing the events will happen around the country, I ran into many challenges around the balance of flexibility and structure when creating guidelines for a brand who's sole purpose is to change often. Designing a color palette that allowed other designers to create posters about different moods, themes, and concepts was something I didn't identify at the beginning of the brand strategy.

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